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The Bermuda Triangle of the Heart

The Bermuda Triangle of the Heart

Becki and I recently watched an episode of Hoarders, and the psychologists who worked with the show’s subjects said something about how compulsive hoarders attempt to fill inner voids with “stuff.”  They attempt to alleviate their suffering with material things, and their hearts and houses become like miniature Bermuda Triangles, harboring lost wreckage from the...
A Harrowing Hallelujah: An Interview with Author Heather Gilion + Book Giveaway

A Harrowing Hallelujah: An Interview with Author Heather Gilion + Book Giveaway

Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him. – Job 13:15 Before I met Heather, I only knew who she was because life’s fatal finger had smeared ashes on her forehead, making her something of a living reminder of the reality of death in this world. I read about her in a newspaper,...
Childhood Perspective: "Star Wars" and the Space Race

Childhood Perspective: “Star Wars” and the Space Race

The news was always a racket for my parents. Sure, I loved the idiot box as much as the next kid, but when the noise coming from it transformed from the violent slapstick of Looney Tunes to the not-so-loony violence of the news, my brain always convulsed inside my skull. “Peter Jennings, go away. I’ll...
"The Internet Doesn't Care if We've Had Enough"

“The Internet Doesn’t Care if We’ve Had Enough”

Yesterday Pitchfork posted an interview with singer Antony Hegarty. Even though he was not actually speaking about writers, he said something that most definitely applies to writers as well. I have been thinking about it ever since, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter, my dear readers. Because my Mama reads this,...