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Guest Post by Jennifer Luitwieler: "Emotional Constipation's Uglier Cousin"

Guest Post by Jennifer Luitwieler: “Emotional Constipation’s Uglier Cousin”

One of the reasons I adore Chad Thomas Johnston and think of him as a brother from another mother is his affinity for stories with a fecal undertone. I was introduced to Chad’s penchant for potty humor through his post on a snow toilet he built with his sister in their yard one winter. They...
Guest Blog by WritRams: "Senior Surfing"

Guest Blog by WritRams: “Senior Surfing”

Hello readers! I know my posts have been scarce lately, as I have been fine-tuning and finalizing my manuscript. I suppose it is worth it for me to neglect my blog for a bit so I can give my manuscript to my agent and (fingers crossed) get published. For real. A book with a jacket...
Guest Blog Post: "Pank Catalac," by Danny J. Gibson

Guest Blog Post: “Pank Catalac,” by Danny J. Gibson

Kansas City’s greatest unsung son, Danny J. Gibson, is a future and present great in the art world. He has been interviewed by NPR, featured in numerous magazines, had his works published in books all over the world, lectured at universities, and made over 2,000 pieces of art. He is only 32. Then there is...
Curses! Foiled Again!: Prelude to Pica

Curses! Foiled Again!: Prelude to Pica

NOTE FROM CTJ: Since I am hammering away at my manuscript like a carpenter with OCD (Oh wait… I’m a writer who actually does have OCD! Almost forgot!), I have not had time to generate new content here. I have taken it upon myself then, to hire writer Amanda Lynch (@thebookprincess on Twitter) to tell...