The madness begins now (now now now … sinister echo).

Most of my drawerings are too low-res for Café Press’s guidelines, but I am making sure all of my new ones lend themselves handy creations such as this nifty marshmallow sandwich totebag.

You’re capitalists, so I don’t have to tell you what to do with your money.

Nothing tells the world how much you love your newborn like a cheesewheel of death snap-up thingy.

And a “Deatherfly” coffee mug makes coffee taste like, well, death! BONUS!!!

Or, like, if I was a girl, I would totally buy the skull with kitten-head eyes. I might buy one even though I’m a guy.

This one is straight from The Stained-Glass Kaleidoscope book art, and this one is a collaboration between myself and Danny J. Gibson.

For all the permanent 8th graders out there who, like me, still think poop and pee and farts are funny, I present the “Fartin’ Scorsese” tee designed just for you.

If you don’t like drinking your deatherflies from a coffeecup, wearing them is good, too.

Classic. The first logo I ever created for my site, and one I remember fondly. The eyeball/mouth/cassette thingy. Designed to bite you when you wear it.

A tank-top with an explosive pun on the front is sure to stop the show, ladies.

Nothing like a black cheesewheel of death T-shirt to get you through the long, dark night of the soul. Darkness of the soul not included.